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Live (2002)

Coldplay - Live

TERRIS may have been voted the 'NME's most promising newcomers recently but there's a band that are set to overtake them in the running. Devon's COLDPLAY are a sure-fire bet for stardom following in t


Music of the Spheres (2021)

Uninspiring and run-of--the-mill latest album from Coldplay

Everyday Life (2019)

Experimental and inventive eighth double album from Coldplay which proves a remarkable departure in style

Strawberry Swing (2009)

Undemandin download only latest single from the ever prolific Coldplay

Prospekt's March (2008)

Fine new EP from Coldplay, which combines alternative versions of some of the songs from their last album 'Viva La Vida'with several new tracks

Viva La Vida (2008)

Praiseworthy fourth album from the increasingly experimental Coldplay, which reveals itself to be their best album to date

Talk (2005)

Solid anthemic rock from Coldplay on their third single from their 'X and Y' album

Fix You (2005)

Second single from Coldplay's 'X and Y', the second greatest selling album of all time

X And Y (2005)

Undemanding and familiar-sounding angst rock on instantly bestselling third album from the highly popular Coldplay

Speed Of Sound (2005)

First single from Coldplay's eagerly anticipated third album, 'X & Y'



Fierce Panda
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Over the course of the last nine years, Fierce Panda has been responsible for introducing acts like Coldplay, Idlewild , Placebo and the Parkinsons to the world.Label boss Simon Williams talks to Olga Sladeckova about its extensive history


Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, 1/4/2022 Candlelight Tribute to Coldplay - Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, 1/4/2022

Shirley Procter enjoys a candlelight tribute to Coldplay at Manchester Cathedral.

One Big No
Shepherds Bush Empire, 15/3/2003 Miscellaneous - Shepherds Bush Empire, 15/3/2003

One Big No was a big charity music show against the then forthcoming war in Iraq. Anthony Strutt enjoys short sets from Evan Dando, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Ian McCulloch, Beth Orton and Travis's Fran Healy

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