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Chemistry Experiment


Interview (2005)

Chemistry Experiment - Interview

Nottingham-based group the Chemistry Experiment have just released their debut album after a long struggle. Frontman Steven J.Kirk talks to John Clarkson about the problems with recording the album and why against the odds they persevered


Gongs Played by Voice (2015)

Eccentric but excellent second album and first release in nine years from psychedelic and prog rock-influenced Nottingham-formed indie pop outfit, the Chemistry Experiment

Interstellar Autumn (2005)

Playful new EP from ever-enterprising Nottingham-based indiepop group the Chemistry Experiment, the main track of which blends Justin Hayward's 'Forever Autumn' with Pink Floyd's 'Interstellar Overdrive'

Round The Corner Dutch Zebra (2002)

"Very average lo-fi indiepop" from group with sensationally absurd and strange biography

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