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Interview (2018)

Charlatans - Interview

Shirley Procter and Amanda J Window interview and photograph Tim Burgess, Martin Blunt and Tony Rogers from indie rock outfit the Charlatans in a series of speed dates at a chip shop during their own North by Northwich festival.

Interview (2007)

Charlatans - Interview

Since forming in the late 80's the Charlatans have released nine studio albums. With a singles compilation 'Forever' being released at the end of the last year, Jonjo McNeill chats to front man Tim Burgess backstage at a gig in Newcastle to promote the new collection


Photoscapes (2015)

Charlatans - Photoscapes

Darren Aston photographs UK indie group the Charlatans the O2 Academy in Liverpool


Modern Nature (2015)

Middle-of-the-road and dull comeback album from much acclaimed Madchester group, the Charlatans

Forever. The Singles. (2006)

Excellent and timely compilation of ever-evolving classic singles band the Charlatans, whose 15 year career has now spanned over 9 studio albums and 26 singles

Simpatico (2006)

Diverse new offering from one time Madchester/Brit-pop indie legends, the Charlatans



Tim Burgess
Profile Tim Burgess - Profile

Anthony Strutt examines Tim Burgess from the Charlatans' new book, 'Vinyl Adventures from Istanbul to San Francisco', in which he goes record shopping and invites us along to track down famous friends' suggestions.


London Finsbury Park, 5/7/2002 Oasis - London Finsbury Park, 5/7/2002

One of the most hyped up outdoor events of the year, Oasis recently played two shows at London's Finsbury Park with the Charlatans amongst the support. Up against the rain, Julia Willis witnesses rock 'n' roll at its most extreme and very worst


Festival No. 6
Photoscapes Festival No. 6 - Photoscapes

Andrew Twambley takes more photographs of Baxter Dury and also of the Charlatans at Festival No. 6 in Portmeiron in Wales.

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