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Interview (2022)

Prolapse - Interview

Despite major WiFi problems, Fiona Hutchings talks to Mick Derrick about the return of his band Prolapse and the re-release on vinyl of their 1994 debut album, ‘Pointless Walks to Dismal Places’.


Comment (2022)

Prolapse - Comment

When is a reissue worth buying? Fiona Hutchings isn’t entirely sure. as she reflects upon the new vinyl version of Prolapse's 1994 debut album 'Pointless Walks To Dismal Places'.


Peel Sessions 20.08.94 and 08.04.97 (2022)

Prolapse - Peel Sessions 20.08.94 and 08.04.97

In our 'Re:View' section, in which we look at albums from the past, Fiona HUtchings checks out two Peel Sessions EPs from Leicester indie band Prolapse, which have been released by Precious Recordings of London for the first time on vinyl.

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