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Obviously 5 Believers (2021)

Hawks - Obviously 5 Believers

Stephen Duffy, sometimes also known as 'TinTin', formed The Hawks after quitting Duran Duran just before they were signed. Tommy Gunnarsson listens to The Hawks' previously unreleased only album 'Obviously 5 Believers', and finds that it isn’t without its charm.



Lilac Time
Interview Lilac Time - Interview

Malcolm Carter chats to Stephen Duffy, the front man with cult act the Lilac Time, about his band's return after an absence of seven years, and 'No Sad Songs', their new album

Strung Out
Interview Strung Out - Interview

At their first British show in four years at the Underworld in London, Andy Vincent speaks to Jake Riley from Californian punks about their just released seventh full length album, 'Black Hawks over Los Angeles', and long standing relationship with their label Fat Wreck Records

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