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Interview with Steve Diggle (2022)

Buzzcocks - Interview with Steve Diggle

Buzzcocks guitarist and vocalist Steve Diggle talks to Denzil Watson about their new album ‘Sonics in the Soul’ and why he has decided to carry on with the band after the death of his co-frontman Pete Shelley in 2018.


Sheffield Leadmill, 12/4/2003

Buzzcocks - Sheffield Leadmill, 12/4/2003

Nearly 27 years on since the release of their first seminal 'Spiral Scratch' EP, the Buzzcocks are still going strong and are back with what many say is their best LP since the 70's. Denzil Watson watches them play am excellent show in Sheffield


Photoscapes (2023)

Buzzcocks - Photoscapes

Andrew Twambley takes photographs of punk/new wave band Buzzcocks at a hometown gig at The Ritz in Manchester.



Interview with Gregory Webster Part 1 Razorcuts - Interview with Gregory Webster Part 1

One of the biggest bands of the C86 era, the Razorcuts were inspired by both the Byrds and the Buzzcocks, and were one of the early signings to Creation Records. In the first part of a two part interview, frontman Gregory Webster chats to Anthony Strutt


Pete Shelley
17/4/1955...6/12/2018 Pete Shelley - 17/4/1955...6/12/2018

Our Dutch writer Maarten Schiethart pays tribute to Pete Shelley who died in early December, and reflects on his late 1970's and early 1980's career both as a solo artist and as lead singer with Buzzcocks.

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