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Broken Family Band


Interview with Steven J Adams (2004)

Broken Family Band - Interview  with Steven J Adams

Since forming three years ago, British alt. country band the Broken Family Band have met with increasing acclaim and attention. Frontman Steven J Adams talks to Emma Haigh about the group's rapid rise and their new album, 'Jesus Songs'


100 Club, London, 12/2/2004

Broken Family Band - 100 Club, London, 12/2/2004

At London's 100 Club Olga Sladeckova finds much acclaimed country group the Broken Family Band growing on her with each new song in their set


Jesus Songs (2004)

'Brilliantly catchy alt-country" from Cambridge, England based group, the Broken Family Band, back with a second album

Cold Water Songs (2003)

"Richly detailed and darkly whimsical" debut album from the British-based Broken Family Band, who have fashioned their own "peculiarly other-worldly interpretation of Americana/ alt country"



Interview Magoo - Interview

Soon to play a Pennyblackmusic Bands Night , Magoo are back with a new single and are in the process of recording a new album. Olga Sladeckova talks to founder members Owen Turner and Andrew Rayner about the band's 12 year history


Can't Get Off the Ground Today/Expansion Ride Magoo - Can't Get Off the Ground Today/Expansion Ride

Find out about the latest single from forthcoming Pennyblackmusic Bands Night stars, Magoo

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