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Eric Gales


Academy 3. Manchester, 31/3/2022

Eric Gales - Academy 3. Manchester, 31/3/2022

With photos by Andrew Twambley, Paul Kimber finds watching blues musician Eric Gales, who has been described by Joe Bonamassa as “one of the best, if not the best, guitar player in the world”, a totally encapsulating experience.

Buddy Guy's Legends, Chicago, 13/12/2014

Eric Gales - Buddy Guy's Legends, Chicago, 13/12/2014

Lisa Torem watches rising blues star Eric Gales play an impresive set at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago


Photoscapes (2022)

Eric Gales - Photoscapes

Andrew Twambley at The Met Theatre in Bury photos American blues guitarist Eric Gales.

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