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Papernut Cambridge


Interview (2019)

Papernut Cambridge - Interview

Ben Howarth visits the home of Ian Button and chats about his Papernut Cambridge project.

Interview (2014)

Papernut Cambridge - Interview

Ben Howarth chats to Death In Vegas and Rotifer member Ian Button about his band Papernut Cambridge's second solo album, 'There's No Underground'


Outstairs Instairs (2018)

Fourth album from Ian Button’s indie supergroup Papernut Cambridge plays back-to-front and finds him fleshing out the band’s glam-pop with a piano based-sound

Love the Things Your Lover Loves (2016)

Irresistible 60's and 70's-influenced third album from bedroom act-turned-live band, the project of ex-Death in Vegas and current Rotifer member, Ian Button

Nutlets 1967-80 (2015)

A companion piece to last year's excellent 'There's No Underground', Papernut Cambridge’s new album ‘Nutlets (1967-80)’ finds mainman Ian Button delving into his childhood record box



Interview Ian Button - Interview

Papernut Cambridge frontman Ian Button speaks to John Clarkson about ‘When the Magic Went Wrong’, his new collection of short stories and album about a down-on-his-luck magician, which he has recorded under the moniker of Toni Tubna and the Stockholm Tuba Sect, and his work with Gare Du Nord Records.

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