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James Walsh


Interview (2014)

James Walsh - Interview

Anthony Strutt speaks to Starsailor front man James Walsh about his solo debut album, 'Turning Point'


Turning Point (2014)

Emotive and soulful debut solo album from Starsailor singer and guitarist, James Walsh



Ritz, Manchester, 24/10/2017 Starsailor - Ritz, Manchester, 24/10/2017

Dixie Ernill enjoys his first Starsailor gig, despite a lack of air con at the Ritz in Manchester.

Royal Albert Hall, London, 19/11/2014 Starsailor - Royal Albert Hall, London, 19/11/2014

Owen Peters at the Royal Albert Hall in London enjoys a fantastic set of high quality pop from the much acclaimed Starsailor, who have reformed after an absence of five years

London Astoria, 4/2/2003 Starsailor - London Astoria, 4/2/2003

Long term Starsailor fan Anthony Strutt watches the band return after a long break to live work with five new songs, but comes away only partially satisfied

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