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Garland Jeffreys


Interview (2017)

Garland Jeffreys - Interview

The legendary Garland Jeffreys and his band will soon release his third album in six years. He chats to Lisa Torem about the songs, the guests and his early influences.

Interview (2014)

Garland Jeffreys - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to acclaimed singer-songwriter Garland Jeffreys about his long musical career, latest album 'Truth Serum' and forthcoming tour of Europe


City Winery, Chicago, 15/6/2017

Garland Jeffreys - City Winery, Chicago, 15/6/2017

Lisa Torem watches Garland Jeffreys and his band perform a fiery set of classics and brand new material to a receptive crowd at City Winery in Chicago

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