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Groovy Uncle


Interview (2014)

Groovy Uncle - Interview

Malcolm Carter talks to Glenn Prangnell, the front man with 60's-influenced Medway-based act Groovy Uncle's recently released third album, ‘One Vowel Away from the Truth'


One Vowel Away From the Truth/Life's a Gift (2020)

Groovy Uncle - One Vowel Away From the Truth/Life's a Gift

Malcolm Carter reflects on the reissue of two of 60's pop-influenced Medway-based band Groovy Uncle’s finest albums on extremely limited vinyl.


No Man's An Island (2023)

Tenth album under Glenn Prangnell’s Groovy Uncle banner finds him diverting from his usual musical path

Searching for the Grown-Ups (2021)

Excellent latest gem from Medway’s Groovy Uncle, this time recorded at home by main man Glenn Prangnell

Meanwhile Back in Medieval Britain (2018)

Fabulous seventh album from 60's pop influenced act Groovy Uncle which features songwriting contributions from Andy Morten and members of the Senior Service, but which at another level proves to be business as usual

A Clip Round the Ear (2017)

Sixth album of perfect 60's-inspired pop from Medway’s Groovy Uncle and Suzi Chunk which reveals itself to be their best yet

Life's a Gift (2016)

Featuring Suzi Chunk, Kent’s Groovy Uncle return with their strongest set of tunes yet, this time mixing in Northern Soul and a little more psych to their 60's influenced sound

Persuaded (2014)

Irresistible 60’s spy film-influenced fourth album from Medway-based garage rock outfit, Groovy Uncle

One Vowel Away from the Truth (2013)

Infectious second album from 1960's-influenced Medway-situated R'n'B group Groovy Uncle, who have collaborated on it with Cardiff-based singer Suzi Chunk

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