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Rebekka Karijord


Interview (2012)

Rebekka Karijord - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to Norwegian-born singer-songwriter Rebekka Karijord about her critically acclaimed and haunting second album, 'We Become Ourselves'


Music for Film and Theatre (2014)

Compelling collection of ambient tracks for films, plays and dance performances by Norwegian-born but Swedish-based composer, Rebekka Karijold

We Become Ourselves (2012)

Haunting second album from melancholic Norwegian-born singer-songwriter and musician, Rebekka Karijord



Hitting the Right Note
Rebecca Karijold's 'We Become Ourselves' Miscellaneous - Rebecca Karijold's 'We Become Ourselves'

In his 'Hitting the Right Note' column, Jon Rogers finds Norwegian singer-songwriter Rebekka Karijord's magical second album 'We Become Ourselves' deserving of attention

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