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Interview (2012)

Chrysalids - Interview

Anthony Strutt discusses with John Wood both his 80's bands One Thousand Violins and the Chrysalids, the latter of whom have recently released their debut album, 'Neither Love Nor Money', over twenty years after they recorded most of its songs


The Castle, Manchester, 5/8/2012

Chrysalids - The Castle, Manchester, 5/8/2012

At The Castle in Manchester, Dizie Ernill watches ill-fated indie guitar duo the Chrysalids play an emotive and intimate gig to launch their debut album, 'Neither Love Nor Money', which has finally come out nearly twenty five years after they first formed


Neither Love Nor Money (2012)

Chrysalids - Neither Love Nor Money

Anthony Strutt examines long lost Manchester band the Chrysalids' debut album, which, largely consisting of tracks recorded over twenty years ago, has only just been released now

Neither Love or Money (2012)



This Metal Sky
June 2009 Steve Abel - June 2009

In his new column 'This Metal Sky' Jeff Thiessen, in the belief that all music good and bad is personal, will be writing about the links in his own life with a new piece of music he hears each month. He begins by telling of hearing Steve Abel and the Chrysalids' 'Flax Happy' on the day he was fired.

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