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Suzi Quatro


Interview (2012)

Suzi Quatro - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to influential Detroit-born guitarist Suzi Quatro about her forty year musical career, autobiography 'Unzipped' and the glam rock years


Raging Pages (2023)

Suzi Quatro - Raging Pages

In her 'Raging Pages' book column Lisa Torem leafs through a new and fascinating biography of rock pioneer Suzi Quatro



Suzi Quatro Bear in Heaven - Suzi Quatro

Lisa Torem examines Detroit-born glam rock icon Suzi Quatro's four albums, 'Your Mama Won’t Like Me’,‘Aggro-Phobia’, 'Rock Hard' and 'Unreleased Emotion', all of which have been recently reissued

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