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Megan Henwood


Interview (2016)

Megan Henwood - Interview

Owen Peters comes across Oxfordshire-based singer-songwriter Megan Henwood by chance. Delving into her music in more detail, he is left wondering is she is 'a secret' about to be discovered?


River (2017)

Third album from Oxfordshire-based singer-songwriter Megan Henwood finds her continuing the journey she started on her 2011 debut album and considerably expanding her folk base in the process

Head, Heart, Hand (2015)

With a four year gap between her debut and this latest album, Oxfordshire-based singer-songwriter Megan Henwood shows that in leaving behind her folk roots and covering some serious and disturbing themes that the time was not wasted



Megan Henwood
Interview Megan Henwood - Interview

Spencer Robertshaw speaks to BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award winner Megan Henwood about her influences and 'Making Waves', her just released debut album


Megan Henwood
Crooked Billet, Stoke Row, 22/2/2012 Miscellaneous - Crooked Billet, Stoke Row, 22/2/2012

Nick Dent-Robinson watches award-winning folk artist Megan Henwood play a passionate and intimate set at the Crooked Billet at Stoke Row in Oxfordshire

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