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Boomtown Rats


Profile (2014)

Boomtown Rats - Profile

Tony Gaughan looks back on the career of the Boomtown Rats, whose six albums have just been released in a box set, the latest in the 'Classic Album Collection' series


Ten Songs That Made Me Love.... (2022)

Boomtown Rats - Ten Songs That Made Me Love....

Eoghan Lyng selects ten favourites from Dublin pioneers The Boomtown Rats, moving from punk into New Wave, Eighties pop and the recent comeback album



Bob Geldof
Interview Bob Geldof - Interview

Bob Geldof talks to Nick Dent-Robinson about the reformation of his band the Boomtown Rats, their first album in 36 years 'Citizens of the Boomtown', Live Aid and his lengthy career.

Boomtown Rats
Interview with Simon Crowe Judy Collins - Interview with Simon Crowe

Paul Waller speaks to Simon Crowe, the drummer with 70's/80's punk/new wave band the Boomtown Rats, about his group's history and their recent reformation

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