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Adam Donen


Interview (2011)

Adam Donen - Interview

In his second interview with us, South African born and now London-based singer-songwriter and poet Adam Donen speaks about the more worldly vision of his new solo album, 'Vampires', and the influence of David Lynch and Ingmar Bergman as well as literature on his work

Interview (2010)

Adam Donen - Interview

South African-born and now London-based poet and singer-songwriter Adam Donen speaks to John Clarkson about his recently released debut album proper, the orchestral 'Immortality', which was inspired by a romantic break-up and is also a tribute to the last decade


Shoreditch Church, London, 4/4/2014

Adam Donen - Shoreditch Church, London, 4/4/2014

Dominic Simpson watches experimental musician Adam Donen, who is now based largely in Berlin and becoming increasingly known as a classical music composer, play a rare rock show to promote his third solo album 'False Bay Echoes' at Shoreditch Church in London



Pennyblackmusic Bands' Night, 29/10/2010 Hold Your Horse Is - Pennyblackmusic Bands' Night, 29/10/2010

Matt Williams provides previously unseen photographs of the Willard Grant Conspiracy, the Monroe Transfer and Adam Donen at our last Bands' Night in October of last year

Pennyblackmusic Bands Night
London, 29/10/2010 Miscellaneous - London, 29/10/2010

Mark Rowland writes of an enjoyable evening of music at the Pennyblackmusic Bands Night at the Half Moon, Herne Hill, South London which saw sets from the Willard Grant Conspiracy, the Monroe Transfer, Adam Donen and Altai Rockets

Penny Black Music Bands Night, 29/10/2010 Miscellaneous - Penny Black Music Bands Night, 29/10/2010

We profile our next Penny Black Music Bands' Night, which will take place on Friday October 29th at the Half Moon in Herne Hill, South London and feature sets from the Willard Grant Conspiracy, the Monroe Transfer, Altai Rockets and Adam Donen

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