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Typewriter (2010)

Pearl - Typewriter

Malcolm Carter examines Typewriter, the experimental solo project of former Lucy Show songwriter and musician Mark Bandola


Little Immaculate White Fox (2010)

Gritty hard rock on debut album from Meatloaf's daughter, Pearl


Interview Smoosh - Interview

Featuring 13 and 11 year old sisters Asya and Chloe, Seattle rock duo Smoosh have been causing a stir in the underground music scene and have played with acts such as Pearl Jam, Sleater-Kinney and Cat Power. Jamie Rowland meets up with them in London


Pearl Jammer
Diamond, Nottingham, 29/92013

Dave Goodwin watches outstanding tribute act Pearl Jammer play an impressive set at The Diamond in Nottingham


This Metal Sky
Pearl Jam Vs Ticketmaster Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam Vs Ticketmaster

In 1994 Pearl Jam took out legal action against show ticket giants, Ticketmaster. Jeff Thiessen in 'This Metal Sky' writes of the battle and its continuing after-effects

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