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Yeti Lane


Interview (2010)

Yeti Lane - Interview

Parisian group Yeti Lane has just released its eponymous debut album to much acclaim on the Sonic Cathedral label. John Clarkson speaks to Ben and Charlie about their band and the new album


L'Aurore (2016)

Evocative and gripping electronica on second album from Paris-based duo, Yeti Lane

Sparkling Sunbeam (2012)

Fantastic new download only single, the first from their second album, from French duo, Yeti Lane

The Echo Show (2012)

Excellent second album from acclaimed electronic/shoegaze French two piece, Yeti Lane

Twice (2010)

Excellent latest EP from melodic, but experimental French group, Yeti Lane

Yeti Lane (2010)

Excellent and often upbeat debut album from versatile Parisian three piece and former space rockers, Yeti Lane

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