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Interview with Dr Haze (2010)

Moriarty - Interview with Dr Haze

The Circus of Horrors is a horror-themed rock-and-roll circus freak show. Peter Allison speaks to its founder and creator Dr Haze about the philosophy behind it and its latest 'Day of the Dead' tour


City Hall, Sheffield, 24/1/2010

Peter Allison enjoys a night of music and tongue-in-cheek-theatricals with Rock and Roll circus freak-show, the Circus of Horrors, at the City Hall in Sheffield

Dingwalls, London, 4/11/2009

Moriarty - Dingwalls, London, 4/11/2009

Sarah Maybank finds spellbinding a short set from Americana act Moriarty at a show at the Union Chapel in London

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