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Sam Shinazzi


Interview (2015)

Sam Shinazzi - Interview

Sam Shinazzi has delivered his strongest set of songs so far with the release of his fifth solo album, ‘Forever and Now’. In a rare interview with him, Malcolm Carter talks with Sydney-based Shinazzi


Days I Won't Forget (2023)

Sam Shinazzi - Days I Won't Forget

In our 'Re:VIew' section' Malcolm Carter reflects on last year's sixth studio album from Australian singer-songwriter Sam Shinazzi, this time produced by power pop legend Michael Carpenter, which proved an inspired move that has produced Shinazzi’s finest album to date.


Forever and For Now (2015)

Enthralling return from Australian Sam Shinazzi with his fifth album on the Laughing Outlaw label

When the Lights Come Up (2011)

Classic pop/rock on excellent fourth album from Sydney-based singer-songwriter Sam Shinazzi, who remains one of Australia's best kept secrets

Then I Held My Breath (2009)

Captivating and long-awaited second album from Sydney-based singer-songwriter Sam Shinazzi, which matches up to its predecessor, the masterly 'Stories Uou Wouldn't Believe'

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