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Jay Reatard


Interview (2008)

Jay Reatard - Interview

Jay Reatard is the former front man with the Reatards and dozens of other punk bands. He chats to Sarah Mwangi about his recent decision to turn solo, and the problems he has had dealing with violence at his gigs


Babylon, Ottawa, 16/4/2008

Jay Reatard - Babylon, Ottawa, 16/4/2008

Trash rocker Jay Reatard has a reputation for playing short, but chaotic gigs. Andrew Carver watches him deliver at all levels ina memorable show at the Babylon in Ottawa


Watch Me Fall (2009)

Limited-in-vision old-style punk on latest album from Memphis-based singer and musician, Jay Reatard

Matador Singles '08 (2008)

Fantastic punk rock on timeless-sounding compilation album from Memphis-based singer Jay Reatard, which collects together six of his recent limited edition vinyl only singles, and proves to be the most joyful celebration of music yet released this year



CMJ Festival
New York, 20/10/2008...25/10/2008 Miscellaneous - New York, 20/10/2008...25/10/2008

Over six days at New York's city-based CMJ festival, Anthony Dhanendran watches performances from acts including Jens Lekman, Dan Deacon, Emmy the Great, Jay Reatard and Litle Boots

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