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Steve Robinson


Interview (2008)

Steve Robinson - Interview

English-born but now Florida-based singer-songwriter Steve Robinson is the former guitarist with the Headlights, who worked in the 90's as Byrds star Roger McGuinn's touring band. Malcolm Carter talks to him about his latest solo album, 'Undercurrent', and his unique brand of melodic pop


Away for the Day (2008)

Steve Robinson - Away for the Day

In the latest in our Re : View series, in which our writers re-examine albums from the past, Malcolm Carter looks at British-born, but American-based singer-song writer and recent Pennyblackmusic interviewee Steve Robinson's debut solo album, 'Away for the Day'


Swallowing the Sun (2021)

Classic folky-pop with Beatle touches. on first album in five years from former Headlight and Roger McGuinn sideman Steve Robinson

The Rest of Our Lives E.P. (2011)

Outstanding new EP of 60's-influenced classic pop from Tampa Bay expatriate singer-songwriter Steve Robinson, which finds him looking back nostalgically on his youth in Lincolnshire

Undercurrent (2008)

Classic-sounding, 60's-influenced pop on second solo album from British-born, singer-songwriter Steve Robinson, whose former group the Headlights shared the same stages as the Band, Steve Winwood and the Smithereens and worked as Roger McGuinn's touring band

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