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Operator Please


Interview (2008)

Operator Please - Interview

Five piece-teenage Australian group have just released their debut album, 'Yes, Yes Vindicative' and have played support slots with Bloc Party, the Go! Team and Maximo Park. Sarah Maybank chats to front woman Amandah Wilkinson about her group's intense self-discipline


Yes, Yes Vindictive (2008)

Fantastic indie punk-pop on debut album from Australian all-girl group Operator Please, unfortunately marred by appalling production work on singer Amanadah Wilkinson's vocals



Operator Please
Pure Groove Records, London, 15/2/2008 Hanoi Rocks - Pure Groove Records, London, 15/2/2008

At the tiny venue of Pure Groove Records, possibly north London's smallest record shop, Sarah Maybank is both impressed and scared by upbeat Australian teenage five piece Operator Please's professionalism and musical talent

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