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Frightened Rabbit


Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London,2/10/2008

Frightened Rabbit - Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London,2/10/2008

At a gig at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen as part of the Concrete and Glass festival, Anthony Middleton finds Scottish band's Frightened Rabbit's passionate, desperate and often foul mouthed tales of inadequacy having a lot to offer, but largely lost on an unresponsive crowd


Swim Until You Can't See Land (2009)

Riverting string-accompanied latest vinyl only single from Scottish indie rock group, Frightened Rabbit

Quietly Now! (2009)

First rate live album from Scottish trio Frightened Rabbit, whose acoustic reworking of their album 'The Midnight Organ Fight' far from reducing its power builds on it

It's Christmas So We'll Stop (2008)

Dark and downbeat slice of kitchen-sink realism on Christmas single from Scottish trio Frightened Rabbit, which with a new mix they have released for a second year in a row

I Feel Better/The Twist (2008)

Staggering and thoroughly innovative harmonic folk pop on new single from Scottish trio, Frightened Rabbit

The Midnight Organ Fight (2008)

Sublime second album of quirky indie-folk from hard working, but still under-rated Scottish act Frightened Rabbit, who, while having hints of the likes of Idlewild, the Twilight Sad, Interpol and the Walkmen are a musical one of a kind

Sings the Greys (2007)

Flawed, but promising debut album from Glaswegian trio Frightened Rabbit, who merge country and western and folk with an indie sound

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