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Enuff Z'nuff


Interview Part 1 (2013)

Enuff Z'nuff - Interview Part 1

In a two-part interview, both parts of which we are publishing consecutively, rediscovered 70's singer-songwriter John Howard talks to Ben Howarth about his musical career, recent return to live work after an absence of several years and his latest solo album, 'Storeys'

Interview Part 2 (2013)

Enuff Z'nuff - Interview Part 2

In 1975, CBS Records released 'Kid in a Big World' – a sumptuous fusion of glam-rock, sixties pop and orchestral showtunes. It was the first album by John Howard, a singer songwriter who had learned h


Manchester University, Manchester, 4/12/2009

Enuff Z'nuff - Manchester University, Manchester, 4/12/2009

At an atmospheric gig at Manchester University, Dixie Ernill sees New York-based and C86-influenced band the Pain of Being Pure at Heart play a lively and exuberant set of pop/rock

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