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Fight Like Apes


Cockpit 3, Leeds, 5/3/2009

Fight Like Apes - Cockpit 3, Leeds, 5/3/2009

Russell Ferguson watches Dublin-formed art rockers Fight Like Apes play a confused and disjointed, but somehow enjoyable set at the Cockpit 3 in Leeds

Proud Galleries, London, 22/5/2008

Fight Like Apes - Proud Galleries, London, 22/5/2008

At the Proud Galleries in London, Anthony Dhanendran watches Dublin indie-punks Fight Like Apes play an incoherent, but catchy and ultimately genre-defying set


The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner (2011)

Abrasive second album from Irish group Fight Like Apes, who combine sugarsweet pop hooks with four letter words and nasty lyrics

Jake Summers (2007)

Unpretentious disco-based electronica on new single from Dublin-based band Fight Like Apes

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