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Roger Knott


Echoes in Time (2017)

Eleventh album from British country artist Roger Knott which reveals some change of direction

The Field and the Sky (2012)

Classy combination of country rock and pop on seventh album, which was recorded in Nashville, from Hertfordshire-based singer-songwriter, Roger Knott

Big News from a Small Town (2010)

Suprising yet excellent pop-oriented fifth solo album from Hertfordshire-based singer/songwriter, Roger Knott

Been Down That Road (2008)

Catchy and sunny-sounding country rock recorded in Nashville on impressive fourth album from British singer-songwriter, Roger Knott

Step Out Into the Sun (2007)

Feel good collection of old-style country songs on third album from British musician Roger Knott, which has been produced by Clive Gregson and features guest appearances from Caitlin Cary and Mike Daly of Whiskeytown among tohers

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