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Interview (2007)

Grinderman - Interview

Anthony Dhanendran attends a press conference with Grinderman, the new band of Nick Cave and Dirty Three and Bads Seeds violinist Warren Ellis, at which they talk about their self-titled debut album and their first ever live performance at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival


Forum, London, 20/6/2007

Grinderman - Forum, London, 20/6/2007

In an impressive double bill, Jon Rogers at the London Forum sees aging rockers Grinderman and Suicide which many younger bands could learn a lot from if they were less bothered about their career strategy


Grinderman (2009)

Grinderman - Grinderman

In our 'Re:View' series,in which our writers look back on albums from the past, Jeff Thiessen re-examines the 2007 debut album of Nick Cave's raw-in-sound Grinderman project and finds that, much to his surprise, two years on it stands upo to prolonged listening


Grinderman 2 RMX (2012)

Unessential collection of remixes of Nick Cave's side project Grinderman's second album

Grinderman 2 (2010)

Likeable second album from Nick Cave's jokey other band and blues act, Grinderman, which, however, does not tread very far away from the blueprint of its first album

Heathen Child (2010)

Nihilistic, but forceful vinyl and download only first single from their second album for Nick Cave's project, Grinderman

Grinderman (2007)

Enjoyable debut album from Nick Cave's new band, which proves to be his most aggressive and also most humorous since the days of the Birthday Party and his early solo work

No Pussy Blues (2007)

Abrasive and grungy second single from Nick Cave's new project, Grinderman

Get It On (2007)

Foul mouthed and angry very limited one sided 7 inch, the debut release of Nick Cave's new band Grinderman



Dirty Three
Interview with Warren Ellis Dirty Three - Interview with Warren Ellis

Much acclaimed Australian trio the Dirty Three recently completed a tour of Europe. Violinist and frontman chats to Olga Sladeckova about the tour and the difficult recording of the group's sixth and latest album, 'She Has No Strings Apollo'


All Tomorrow's Parties
Minehead, Somerset, 27/4/2007...29/4/2007 Miscellaneous - Minehead, Somerset, 27/4/2007...29/4/2007

At the latest All Tomorrow's Parties weekend, this time curated by Bad Seeds and Dirty Three violinist Warren Ellis, Anthony Dhanendran sees sets from bands as diverse as the Only Ones, Low, Spiritualized, Grinderman and Joanna Newsom

Dirty Three
Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 12/5/2003 Dirty Three - Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 12/5/2003

At a storm-ridden night at London Shepherd's Bush Empire, Olga Sladeckova watches the Australian instrumental trio give a show of barn storming brilliance

Dirty Three
Union Chapel, 22/8/2000 Dirty Three - Union Chapel, 22/8/2000

The darkly lit architecture of the Union Chapel formed a perfect surrounding for the epic post-rock noise of Australian trio Dirty Three. A good turnout was improved by the prospect of a support slot

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