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Math and Physics Club


Interview (2007)

Math and Physics Club - Interview

Seattle based indie pop band were the first American band to sign to Matinee Records in five years.Dixie Ernill chats to guitarist James about their recent self-titled debut CD and their 80's influences


In This Together: EPS, B-Sides, Rarities and Unreleased Songs 2005-2015 (2016)

Fantastic vinyl compilation from Seattle-based indie pop band the Math and Physics Club, which will be appealing to those who are still mourning the demise of the Lucksmiths

Our Hearts Beat Out Loud (2013)

Superb indie pop on third album from Sacramento-based group, the Math and Physics Club

I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do (2010)

Upbeat-sounding indie pop on enjoyable second album from Seattle-based band, Math and Physics Club

Baby, I'm Yours (2008)

Superb indiepop on new EP from Seattle-based five piece, the Math and Physics Club

Maths and Physics Club (2006)

Ultra-melodic indiepop, which is reminiscent of the very best Sarah record label groups and classic C86 on debut album from Seattle-based group, the Maths and Phsics Club

Movie Ending Romance (2005)

Catchy new EP from American-based C86 group Math and Physics Club,which is, however, marred by its weak vocals

Weekends Away (2005)

Classic sounding indie pop on debut EP from Math and Physics Club, one of the few American signings to the Matinee label

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