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Frank Turner


Victoria Warehouse, Manchester, 26/1/2019

Frank Turner - Victoria Warehouse, Manchester, 26/1/2019

Writer Shirley Procter and photographer Amanda J Window watch and photograph Frank Turner playing an energetic and crowd-pleasing show at new Manchester venue the Victoria Warehouse.

Borderline, London, 13/2/2007

Frank Turner - Borderline, London, 13/2/2007

At a show at the Borderline in London, Dan Cressey finds punk-turned-folk singer and former Million Dead front man Frank Turner's vitriolic form of song writing as brutally sharp as ever, but the back slapping between him and his audience somewhat muting the impact of his performance


Hold Steady (2007)

Frank Turner - Hold Steady

Pennyblackmusic phootgrapher takes photos of former Million Dead front man Frank Turner at a gig at the Soho Revue Bar in London


Poetry of the Deed (2009)

Lively third album of punk folk anthems from former Million Dead front man, Frank Turner

The Road (2009)

Lively sing-a-along latest slice of folk punk from former Million Dead front man, the ever busy Frank Turner, which also includes a video of his recent attempt to play 24 gigs in 24 hours

The First Three Years (2009)

Melancholic, but ultimately inspirational compilation album from acoustic folk punk Frank Turner, which sums up his first three years as a solo artist after leaving Million Dead

Long Live the Queen (2008)

Infectious new charity single from Frank Turner, which about the death of a close friend from breast cancer is both upbeat and life-affirming

Reasons Not to Be An Idiot (2008)

Anthemic and upbeat new single from former Million Dead front man Frank Turner, the latest from his second solo album, '‘Love Ire & Song’

Love Ire and Song (2008)

Often fine, but unfortunately at times somewhat overblown new album from former Million Dead frontman and punk-turned-folk artist, Frank Turner

Sleep is for the Week (2007)

Heart-on-sleeve honest and melodic debut solo album of folk punk from one-time Million Dead front man Frank Turner

Campfire Punkrock (2006)

Effective folk punk on new EP from former Million dead frontman Frank Turner



Chris T-T

Brighton-based singer-songwriter Chris T-T has spent much of the last year touring with former Million Dead frontman Frank Turner. Helen Tipping chats to him about politics, his recent trilogy of albums about the downfall of London and going out on the road with Turner


Biffy Clyro, yourcodenameis:milo and Frank Turner
Pyramids, Portsmouth, 20/5/2007 Biffy Clyro - Pyramids, Portsmouth, 20/5/2007

At a show at the Pyramids in Portsmouth Paul Raven watches maths rockers Biffy Clyro play a catchy and enjoyable set of indie guitar rock, but also is impressed by suppoer acts yourcodenameis : milo and Frank Turner

Frank Turner
Lock 17, London, 17/4/2006 Million Dead - Lock 17, London,  17/4/2006

Never afraid to show his influences, former Million Dead frontman Frank Turner incorporates both country/folk numbers and also acoustic anthemic rockers. Dan Cressey enjoys an energetic, but short set at London's Lock 17

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