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Interview (2016)

Yes - Interview

Long-time Yes drummer Alan White discusses his current European tour with the prog rockers, in which they performed two complete albums, 'Drama' and 'Fragile'

Interview (2014)

Yes - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to Chris Squire, the bassist with prog rock giants Yes, about their latest album 'Heaven and Earth', which is the first to feature their new singer Jon Davison

Interview (2013)

Yes - Interview

Keyboardist Geoff Downes speaks to Paul Waller about his forthcoming tour with Yes in which they will be playing three classic albums, his multi-million selling band Asia and his early career with the Buggles


Union Live (2011)

Yes - Union Live

Spencer Robertshaw examines a new live double CD and DVD from prog rockers Yes of a show in California from their controversial 1991 'Union' tour

The Story of the Kinks (2010)

Yes - The Story of the Kinks

New Kinks DVD chronicles their history from their beginnings in the early 1960s until their break-up in the mid 1990s. While often flawed, Tony Gaughan nevertheless finds it to be often compulsive viewing

Rock of the 70s (2010)

Yes - Rock of the 70s

Lisa Torem is fascinated 'Rock of the 70s', a little seen, but pionerring collection of videos from one of the early line-ups of prog rockers Yes at the time of 'Time and a Word', their breakthrough second album


Greek Theater, Los Angeles, 29/9/2018

Yes - Greek Theater, Los Angeles,  29/9/2018

L. Paul Mann watches Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman bring their latest version of Yes to the Greek Theater Los Angeles.


Raging Pages (2017)

Yes - Raging Pages

In 'Raging Pages', her book column, Lisa Torem finds that Will Romano's new book about the 1972 Yes album, 'Close to the Edge' successfully addresses the album's legacy.

Raging Pages (2016)

Yes - Raging Pages

Canadian author Martin Popoff shows he's not just mired in Metal in his new book about prog rock band YES.

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