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Interview with Mark Baker (2002)

Workhouse - Interview with Mark Baker

One of the most under-rated of all British post rock bands, the Workhouse have now released 4 singles on 3 different labels. With their debut album, a retrospective, about to come out in America, guitarist Mark Baker talks about the band's 10 year history


The Sky Still Looks the Same (2014)

Beautifully packaged and presented ten inch vinyl EP and first release in three years from Oxford/London-based band the Workhouse, who combine indie rock and shoegazing components

The Coldroom Sessions (2012)

Blissful and compelling post rock on third album from North London-based band, the Workhouse

Flyover (2006)

Versatile, highly impressive post rock on delayed second album from Oxford and London based group the Workhouse, which proves to be definitely worth the wait

The End Of The Pier (2003)

Largely instrumental classic and timeless ambient rock on debut album from the Workhouse, which has been three years in the making

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