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Interview (2002)

Wilby - Interview

Rosie Wilby is unique – not just because she is a renaissance-woman media mogul in the making – but also because she is astonishingly patient and empathetic for a woman who seems to have more ‘hats’


Profile (2014)

Wilby - Profile

John Clarkson reflects on musician-turned-comedian Rosie Wilby's new stand-up show, 'Nineties Woman'


Just the Tonic, Tron Bar, Edinburgh, 24/8/2011

Wilby - Just the Tonic, Tron Bar, Edinburgh, 24/8/2011

John Clarkson finds much to enjoy in comedian Rosie Wilby's self-deprecating new show, 'Rosie's Pop Diary', which tells of her time in the Brit Pop years trying and ultimately failing to make a success as a singer-songwriter


Precious Hours (2001)

At a first glance, the front cover photograph of ‘Precious Hours’, the new album by Wilby, seems both conventional and also relatively unassuming. It shows a thoughtful young woman walking up the isla

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