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Victorian English Gentlemens Club


Interview (2006)

Victorian English Gentlemens Club - Interview

Cardiff three piece the Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club have recently released their self-titled alabum to good reviews. Helen Tipping speaks to singer and guitarist Adam Taylor about it, and the band's non-stop touring schedule at a show in Leeds


Islington Academy, London, 21/11/2007

Victorian English Gentlemens Club - Islington Academy, London, 21/11/2007

Sarah Maybank watches Cardiff trio the Victorian English Gentlemens Club blast their way through a breathtakingly frenzied but unmelodic set at the London Islington Academy


La Mer/Stupid as Wood (2007)

Offbeat and twisted latest single from Cardiff trio the Victorian English Gentlemen's Club, the first to feature bassist Louise Mason on vocals

Impossible Sightings Over Shelton (2006)

Third single from their eponymous first album for much acclaimed Cardiff art rockers the Victorian English Gentlemens' Club

The Double A Side (2006)

Chaotically brilliant second single from highly touted Cardiff-based trio, the Victorian English Gentlemens' Club

Tales Of Hermit Mark (2005)

"Art school racket of tuneless discordant genius" on debut single from new Cardiff-based act and "revelation" The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club

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