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Vic Godard


Interview (2007)

Vic Godard - Interview

Influential punk band Vic Godard and the Subway Sect's debut album was inexplicably pulled by manager Bernie Rhodes and never released. Now Vic has re-recorded it with the band's present incarnation under the title of '1978 Now'. He speaks to Mark Rowland about his decision to go back to the past



Bitter Springs
Interview with Simon Rivers Bitter Springs - Interview with Simon Rivers

Bitter Springs have been together in one form or another since the 80's. With several albums of their own, they are also play as legendary punk star Vic Godard's backing band in the Subway Sect. Frontman Simor Rivers chat about his group's history

Vic Godard and the Subway Sect
Interview Rodney And The Tube Tops - Interview

One of the early punk groups, the Subway Sect played with the Sex Pistols and toured with the Clash, but fell victims to bad management and misfortune. Frontman Vic Godard talks to John Clarkson about the band's history, and his long solo career

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