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Lyric Theatre, London, 4/6/2005

Vetiver - Lyric Theatre, London, 4/6/2005

Vetiver is fronted by American Andy Cabic andalso the side project of folk hippy Devendra Banhart. in the hushed environment of London's Lyric Theatre Anthony Dhanendran watches them play an impressive set of experimental alt. country


To Find Me Gone (2006)

Gorgeous second album of pastoral folk rock from Vetiver, which includes a guest appearance from frontman Andy Cabic's former housemate Devendra Banhart

Between (2005)

Slow, melodic alt-country rock on new EP from Vetiver, the group of Virginian Andy Cabic, which also features the much acclaimed Devendra Banhart on guitar



0 Degrees of Seperation: Vashti Bunyan, Juana Molina, Adem, Vetiver
Roundhouse, London, 13/1/2007 Juana Molina - Roundhouse, London, 13/1/2007

At a very special evening at the refurbished Roundhouse in London, Dominic Simpson enjoys a very special evening of folk music from long lost 60's cult star Vashti Bunyan, San Fransicans Vetiver, Argentinian Juana Molina and London folkie Adem Ilhan

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