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Interview (2006)

Triffids - Interview

Underrated in their lifetime 80's Australian group the Triffids are in the process of having all six of their albums reissued. John Clarkson talks to he group's pedal steel player and historian Graham Lee about the band's legacy


In the Pines/Calenture (2007)

Triffids - In the Pines/Calenture

John Clarkson examines the reissues and legacy of Australian group the Triffids'1986 and 1987 albums, 'In the Pines' and 'Calenture'


Barbican, London, 9/4/2010

Triffids - Barbican, London, 9/4/2010

Little known in their original lifetime in the 1980's but now much acclaimed, Anthony Strutt at the Barbican in London sees the surviving member of Australian group the Triffids play a heartfelt, but over lengthy tribute to their former and late singer David McComb


Born Sandy Devotional (2006)

Triffids - Born Sandy Devotional

In the latest in our 'Re : View' series, in which our writers re-examine albums from the past, John Clarkson looks at Australian group the Triffids' haunting 1986 masterpiece 'Born Sandy Devotional', which has just been reissued


Wide Open Road: The Best of the Triffids (2010)

Excellent compilation and also introduction to highly regarded 80's Australian band the Triffids

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