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The Artist in the Ambulance (2005)

Thrice - The Artist in the Ambulance

In his first article for us new Pennyblackmusic writer Andy Vincent writes about the impact hardcore/punk band Thrice's album 'The Artist in the Ambulance' had on him after he unexpectedly discovered them at the start of his college's summer holidays


Beggars (2009)

Excellent sixth album from Californian hardcore band Thrice who have become increasingly melodic and gentle in their sound

The Alchemy Index Vols III and IV : Air and Earth (2008)

Fantastic third and fourth instalments in 'The Alchemy Index' from Californian hardcore band Thrice, which finds them experimenting with a commercial rock, and also folk and acoustic sounds

The Alchemy Index Vol.1 and 2: Fire & Water (2007)

Superb first two discs in four part concept album from Californian band Thrice, which examining the different elements, proves to be their strongest album to date

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