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Alexaandra Palace, London, 6/3/2020

Supergrass - Alexaandra Palace, London, 6/3/2020

Nick Dent-Robinson watches Supergrass back after a decade away play a set of classic anthems to an enthusiastic crowd at the Alexandra Palace in London.


Diamond Hoo Ha (2008)

Decent and diverse-sounding pop-influenced sixth album from Britpop survivors, Supergrass

Diamond Hoo Ha Man (2008)

Blues-based return to form on new single from Britpop survivors, Supergrass

Fin (2005)

Trippy 7" only latest and possibly last single to be taken by Brit rockers from their bestelling 'Road to Rouen' album

Low C (2005)

John Lennon-inspired latest single from Supergrass

Road To Rouen (2005)

Surprising change of direction on fifth album for the chart topping Supergrass, which finds them looking back to the 60's and 70's for most of their influences

St Petersburg (2005)

Elegant and entertaining first single from ‘Road to Rouen’, the fifth album from long-serving Britpoppers Supergrass

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