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Interview (2009)

Sophia - Interview

Sarah Maybank finds Jon Spencer to be in aggressive mood when she speaks to him about Heavy Trash's new album, 'Midnight Soul Mood', and how he divides his time between it and his other band, the Blues Explosion

Interview with Robin Proper-Sheppard (2004)

Sophia - Interview with Robin Proper-Sheppard

The frontman with Sophia,Robin Proper-Sheppard, talks to John Clarkson about his decision to sign to the City Slang label after years of putting out his records on his own Flower Shop label, and his diverse new record, 'People are Like Seasons'


Bush Hall, London, 18/11/2003

Sophia - Bush Hall, London, 18/11/2003

As a prelude to a European tour and their new album 'People are Like Seasons', both of which are due early next year, Sophia recently played a low-key gig at the London Bush Hall. From uncertain beginnings Jon Rogers finds them on fine form


There Are No Goodbyes (2009)

Understated and slow-growing, but ultimately rewarding fifth album from Sophia, which depicts in powerful detail the agony of a relationship having gone sour

People Are Like Seasons (2003)

Finely-conceived third studio album from Sophia which finds frontman Robin Proper-Sheppard mining the same areas of regret and loss as he has done on the band's previous albums, but also looking back to his days with the ferecious God Machine

Seduction Of Madness (2002)

Powerful neo-classical concept release from Sweden's Sophia, which examines with frightening insight the differnet forms of psychosis

De Nachten (2001)

From the sea to the river.... Sophia's third album, and first live recording, the neo-orchestral 'De Nachten ', is a striking and evocative affair of the heart that runs a gamut of emotions from



Black Site
Interview Black Site - Interview

The Black Site are a new raw blues/avant-garde rock duo which features ex-members of Madam and Sophia. Dominic Simpson talks to them about their forthcoming appearance at our next Pennyblackmusic Bands' Night

Altai Rockets
Interview Altai Rockets - Interview

Altai Rockets is the new band of Madam and Sophia bassist, Nick Bergin. Dominic Simpson speaks to him about his band's brooding indie guitar sound and their forthcoming appearance at the Pennyblackmusic Bands' Night at the Half Moon in Herne Hill, South London, which will be only their second gig

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