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Soft Cell


Interview with Dave Ball (2019)

Soft Cell - Interview with Dave Ball

Soft Cell keyboardist Dave Ball speaks to John Clarkson about the influential synthpop group's history and their new photograph book, ‘To Show You I’ve Been There’.

Interview (2008)

Soft Cell - Interview

One of the best known and most controversial acts of the early 80’s, Soft Cell are about to release 'Heat', a double CD of remixes. John Clarkson talks to Dave Ball from the duo about his long musical relationship with Marc Almond and the band's history


Happiness Not Included (2022)

Excellent fifth album from groundbreaking 80's synth duo Soft Cell



Marc Almond
Photoscapes Marc Almond - Photoscapes

Keith Ainsworth photographs Marc Almond at a show at Warringon Parr Hall on his latest UK tour

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