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Conway Hall, London, 19/9/2004

Smog - Conway Hall, London, 19/9/2004

Smog aka Bill Callahan has never been on record the happiest of musicians. On the second night of the two day Homefires festival, and supported by the likes of Adem and Joanna Newsom, Dominic Simpson finds him on gloomy, but also confusing form


Rock Bottom Riser (2006)

Unsettling, but remarkable Americana on latest four song EP from Smog, the moniker for Texan-based musician Bill Callahan

A River Ain't Too Much To Love (2005)

Lyrically engaging latest album from Bill Callahan aka Smog, which deserves to be regarded as one of the his best

Rain On Lens (2001)

Yes, you read right — Bill Callahan and his unmerry men are no longer Smog, but (Smog) — what next, Smiley King Smoggy? Fortunately, having thrown this nomenclative curve ball at his loyal listener



Bill Callahan
Interview Bill Callahan - Interview

Bill Callahan recently abandoned his Smog moniker to start releasing albums under his own name. He talks to Chris O' Toole about the change of name and also his music


Bill Callahan
Union Chapel, London, 20/8/2009 Bill Callahan - Union Chapel, London, 20/8/2009

Chris O'Toole finds former Smog star, Bill Callahan, despite a new found buoyancy, aloof and rigid with his audience at a show at the Union Chapel in London

Brixton Academy, London, 21/7/2009 Bill Callahan - Brixton Academy, London, 21/7/2009

Despite being initally cancelled due to illness, Anthony Strutt watches Morrissey play a fantastic set in a rescheduled show at the Brixton Academy in London

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