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Interview (2008)

Slint - Interview

One time Slint guitarist, David Pajo has since gone on to play with artists such as Tortoise and Will Oldham, had instrumental projects and currently plays with Dead Child, an old school heavy metal band. He speaks to Mark Rowland about the many different strands of his career


Profile (2002)

Slint - Profile

Despite playing together for only four years, and only releasing just two albums, Louisiana post-rock group Slint have been and are massively influential. Mark Rowland examines their remarkabale legacy



Interview Candies - Interview

Italy's best export since pizza, Candies are breathing new life into the European indie scene with their eclectic post-rock sound, taking in the jittery, dissonant sounds of Slint and mixing them with breakneck art-punk, grunge's sludgier moments, Aphex-


All Tomorrow's Parties
Camber Sands, 25/2/2005...27/2/2005 Miscellaneous - Camber Sands, 25/2/2005...27/2/2005

The latest All Tomorrow's Parties Festival was headlined by seminal post rockers Slint playing their first gig in over a decade. Ben Howarth watches them play a delightful show, and also enjoys sets from the Melvins, Mum and Mogwai

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