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Interview (2002)

Baxendale - Interview

Baxendale are the reason why I was late to school for most of last year. Y’see some have deigned to suggest that I’m a little psychopathic in the mornings (I know, I know, you can’t believe it of me either…) but I found that bouncing around my bedroom at


Borders Bookstore, London, June 9th

Baxendale - Borders Bookstore, London, June 9th

An unusual gig in central London on a warm Friday evening in a book shop! Following on from Hefner’s wonderful appearance here the previous week, tonight it’s the turn of BAXENDALE to dazzle and co


Music For Girls Issue #1 (2001)

Simon's done a good job on this first issue. It reminds me of the type of fanzines you used to get in the C86 period in that it really has an amazing feeling for the music it features and makes you wa

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