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Interview (2007)

Shearwater - Interview

After being dropped by their record label, Shearwater have just re-released their 2006 fourth album, 'Palo Santo', on the larger Matador Records with five songs re-recorded and a CD of extra tracks. John Clarkson speaks to front man Jonathan Meiburg about it


Scala, London, 3/4/2012

Shearwater - Scala, London, 3/4/2012

Chris O'Toole watches still underappreciated dark folk rockers Shearwater play a superb set in their biggest gig to date yet at the Scala in London

St Giles Church, London, 22/11/2008

Shearwater - St Giles Church, London, 22/11/2008

In the sedate environment of St Giles' church in central London, Chris O' Toole watches acclaimed progressive folk rockers play an emotive, thoroughly engaging set

Bush Hall, London, 17/9/2008

Shearwater - Bush Hall, London, 17/9/2008

Anthony Middleton finds Shearwater's merging of folk and classical sensibilities with rock to have magical quality at a gig at the Bush Hall in London


Jet Plane and Oxbow (2016)

Assured eighth album from undervalued Texan-based experimental band, Shearwatar

Animal Joy (2012)

Catchy, but unsatisfactory fourth album from acclaimed Texan group, Shearwater

The Golden Archipelago (2010)

Fertile latest album from Shearwater, who increasingly draw comparisons with Talk Talk and Mark Hollis in their passion and ability

The Snow Leopard EP (2008)

Mesmerising compilation of highights from this year's 'Rook' album, B-sides and live tracks on new EP from highly acclaimed baroque pop outfit, Shearwater

Rook (2008)

Excellent latest album from one-time Okkervil River offshoot Shearwater, which taking a wildly disparate range of influences, have shaped them into something which manages to be both gentle and epic at the same time

Winged Life (2005)

Melancholic but eclectic debut album from new side project of Okkervil River's Will Sheff and Jonathan Meiburg



Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
November 2013 Miscellaneous - November 2013

Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' reflects on Shearwater's new album and covers record, 'Fellow Travelers'

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