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Sensational Alex Harvey Band


Interview Part 1 (2004)

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Interview Part 1

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band were Scotland's biggest musical export in the mid 1970's after the Bay City Rollers. In the first part of a two part interview, both to be run consecutively they talk to John Clarkson about the group's rise

Interview Part 2 (2004)

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Interview Part 2

In the second part they talk about the group's original break-up, Alex Harvey's tragic early death in the early 80's and their subsequent reformations and plans for their farewell tour in late November and early December



Martin Kielty
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Martin Kielty is the manager of reformed Scottish rockers the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. He is also the author of 'SAHB Stories', a biography of the band. He talks to John Clarkson about the group and his book

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