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Interview (2013)

Sebadoh - Interview

Paul Waller talks to Sebadoh co-founder and drummer Eric Gaffney about his years in the band, his veganism and recent split single with Alasadir Roberts which he has released on new label, Happy Soul Records


KOKO, London, 7/5/2008

Sebadoh - KOKO, London, 7/5/2008

Sebadoh are not known for being a dynamic live force, but Mark Rowland finds the reformed American indie rockers compelling at a Don't Look Back gig at the KOKO in London in which they revisited their 1993 album, 'Bubble and Scrape'


Bakesale (2011)

Sebadoh - Bakesale

Richard Lewis examines ex-Dinosaur Jr. guitarist Lou Barlow's band Sebadoh's 1994 fourth album, 'Bakesale'


Ten Songs That Made Me Love... (2014)

Sebadoh - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

In our series, in which our writers write about ten songs that made them love a favourite band or artist, Mark Rowland reflects on his favourite songs by the American alternative rockers Sebadoh


Act Surprised (2019)

Driven by a devil-may-care zeal, this first Sebadoh for Fire Records after a long association with Domino Records, finds the threesome in a rejuvenated yet far looser place

The Freed Man (2007)

Rambling and ragged, but stimulating re-release with extra tracks of spearheads of the lo-fi movement Sebadoh's mid 1990's album, 'The Freed Man'

Iii (2006)

Overtly eclectic and winsomely experimental third album from Sebadoh, re-released in an extended edition with an extra CD of tracks



Lou Barlow
Babylon, Ottawa, 4/10/2005 Lou Barlow - Babylon, Ottawa, 4/10/2005

Lou Barlow has had a storied career in indie music, first with Dinosaur Jr., then with Sebadoh/Sentridoh and the Folk Implosion. but has now turned solo. At a show in Ottawa, Andrew Carver watches him give an understated but sublime performance.

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