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Interview (2002)

Saloon - Interview

Saloon's debut album '((This is) What We Call Progress' was released on the Track and Field label in April to critical acclaim. Adam Cresswell and Amanda Gomez from the band talk to Gary Wollen about its production, their influences and playing live


If We Meet In The Future (2003)

Disappointing second album from the critically acclaimed Saloon, which, despite several fine point moments, proves to be "a just a little too over reminiscent" of their first album '(This is) What We Call Progress'

This Is What We Call Progress (2002)

Beautiful, sparse and evocative debut album from English group from Reading with Galaxie 500 and Velvets American underground type sound, but whose influences also remain very much British and European



Remnants/Saloon Bar Romeos
Interview Remnants/Saloon Bar Romeos - Interview

Americana guitarist and songwriter Mark Fletcher speaks to John Clarkson about both his bands, the Remnants and Saloon Bar Romeos.


Track and Field
Pow to the People, 31/3/2002 Miscellaneous - Pow to the People, 31/3/2002

The third annual Pow to the People festival at the Camden Monarch in London featured such indie pop lumionaries as the Butterflies of Love, Woodchuck, Cane 141 and Saloon. Gary Wollen has a riveting Easter Sunday

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